Firm Profile

At Myers, Patsy & Associates we are dedicated and on a mission to help small and medium sized businesses and their owners achieve financial success, and therefore the life style they want. With over fifty years combined professional experience in both public and private industry, Myers, Patsy & Associates is in the unique position to bring both sides of the table to the business owner. We have served businesses in the capacity of professional advisors, but we have also sat in the owner’s chair. We are uniquely qualified to understand the day-to-day management problems every business owner has to go through; personnel issues, recruiting, hiring, firing, meeting payroll and payroll taxes, growth and growth strategies, financing and banking, cash management, inventory control, insurance and risk management, tax planning, succession planning and just plain old every day people and project management problems and in some cases, even crisis management. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of business. We recognize the pitfalls and traps, small and medium sized businesses and their owners can, and unfortunately do, fall into.

Our philosophy is simple….”Keep it simple”….”Keep it practical”….”Keep it manageable”…. “Keep it under control”. We believe you have to know where you are financially all the time, in order to get to where you want to be. We help you do this by providing timely and accurate financial information and management tools….”the Landscape of Your business”. Then we follow-up with practical financial and tax advise and help you make more informed decisions about your business and even help put together a plan, “A Road Map for Your Financial Success”. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Without knowing where you are, it is difficult to make informed decisions about what to do next and to develop and execute a successful plan. That’s where we help and why it makes sense to use our services. In short, we act as Chief Financial Officer.
Success Stories

Settling a Major Insurance Claim

“CONGRATULATIONS! GREAT JOB! It was a pleasure to work with you during the extended process of claim settlement. Your management of the process was excellent, and your insight and preparation was exceptional. A great victory……”

Clem J. Wandrisco, Jr. CPCU, ARM, AAI, AIC
“I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the successful negotiation concluding your claim. In my opinion, you achieved more than a 100% claim value. Your success is due in great measure to the detailed preparation of Joe Myers. It was gratifying to work with Joe in preparing the strategy for claim resolution. Few business interruption claims are resolved with such ease. While Zurich is certainly a “blue chip” carrier, Joe Myers was a blue chip financial analyst supporting your claim.”

Stacey F. Vernallis, Esquire
Financial Reporting and Analysis

“Your financial review and comments on our financial statement was excellent and very thorough. You covered both the strengths and weaknesses. I believe a financial officer should submit a report such as yours rather than a flowery bravo summary. This is particularly needed for a family business of a medium size company that has daily one on one contact. George, Chris, and myself can direct our efforts to building sales and growth knowing that Mr. Joe Myers is constantly monitoring our financial status, not allowing us to over extend ourselves or fall victims of other financial downfalls. Thanks for a job well done”.”

Spiros G. Raftis Chairman of the Board Red Valve Company, Inc.
Being a Person

“All in your camp considered it a victory. I enjoyed working with you very much. I do not see many straight shooters in my business.”

Charley Gibbs, Esquire Attorney at Law Hanes, Sinkler & Boyd PC

QuickBooks Guru
“My brother and I started our own business, and decided after evaluating several products that QuickBooks would be the best accounting product to use. After installing and setting up the software, even though it’s easy to use, we still had questions. We decided to contact Joe from JP Myers & Associates. He came out to our office, looked over our setup, made appropriate changes, and answered all of our questions. Thanks Joe, for solving all of our issues!”

Tracy Gunzenhauser Vice President Mon River Supply
Members of the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA & PICPA). Licensed in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.